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General Track Assembly

Custom Trax pieces are all pretrimmed on the roadbed ends, so joining pieces end to end is fast and simple.

All you need to do is trim rail ends flush with railnippers then slip on railjoiners and apply some glue to the roadbed ends joining the pieces together to build a continuous mainline.
(figure #1)

To make any custom length, use a mitre box to cut any track piece to length. (figure #2)




A note: rail joiners will be easier to slip on rail ends if a small sliver is removed from the tie under the rail. To do this, just score the tie with a hobby knife on both sides of the rail (figure #3) , then slide the knife blade under the rail to remove the sliver. This will keep the rail joiner from snagging the wood tie stock and will give you a straight & flush joint at the railtop.

After railjoiners are on, you can use some gel type CNN (super glue) on the bare ends of the foam
(figure #4)
to make a fast, permanent joint at the roadbed ends. Be sure to apply liberal amounts of glue, especially on the outside edges. Push the pieces together and let dry about a minute if you use super glue.

Mounting track to turnouts is as simple as mounting track end to end. The only additional step required is to trim away some of the roadbed at the sides with the razor saw. (figure #7)

Technical note on turnouts- At the frog, all rail points and guardrails are insulated from each other. Rails beyond the frog are insulated from the point rails going into the frog. To get continuity, rails beyond the point need separate feeder wires. Turnouts have an insulated throwbar to eliminate any back wheel shorts. The design is fully DCC compatible.

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